Off on our honeymoon adventure!

After months of planning, researching, and booking (by Justin) and months of anticipating the fun of a fully-planned 9 week adventure (by me) we’re off! We realized the great distribution of labor in our relationship when I loved wedding planning and Justin loved the honeymoon planning. So 100% of this trip is credit to Justin’s planning. Well, maybe 95% — I was involved a bit with our Africa plans.


Thankfully for me, Justin spent years saving frequent flier miles with the goal of ‘someday booking round-the-world flights in business class’ for his honeymoon. I was happy to oblige as the travel companion for that! Flying to Nairobi (SFO-JFK-Doha–Nairobi) takes about a day and a half (with 24 hours in the air). Those business class seats already feel like heaven and we are both so grateful and excited to be traveling with this comfort!


Typical of many of our trips together, Justin has done all the planning and baked in a few surprises along the way. All I know is that we’ll be traveling for 9 weeks, visiting 9 countries, taking 29 flights (and 2 ferries), seeing gorillas, wildebeest and having a trip of a lifetime. Let the adventure begin!

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