A weekend away in Seville

Justin and I were so lucky to have perfectly timed off-sites for work on back to back weeks in Europe. His was in London the week before mine was in Madrid. So I flew to London to meet him and together we decided to spend an enchanting weekend in Seville (Sevilla) before I went to my off-site in Madrid.

About Sevilla

Sevilla is the perfect city to visit for a weekend. The city is incredibly quaint, filled with enough spots to explore and plenty of amazing food. It was one of our favorite destinations!

Kissing in front of Plaza de Espana in Sevilla, Spain

Where to stay

We got an Airbnb right in the Alfalfa neighborhood. It was close enough to walk to all of the major sites and we loved meandering through the narrow streets, taking random turns to discover new parts of the neighborhood and uncover bustling restaurants in courtyards we never would have found.

Outdoor cafe in Seville, Spain

What to do

There were a few key highlights in Sevilla that you will definitely want to visit before leaving.

Real Alcazar de Sevilla — This was one of the most picturesque, places ever. Game of Thrones fans will recognize it as the Water Gardens of Dorne (which they filmed here). Despite the crowds, we had an incredible time touring around and taking in the architecture and gardens. Don’t miss this if you visit Sevilla.


Plaza de Espana — This is the iconic, gorgeous spot and one that we kept revisiting throughout the weekend. It is a beautiful example of merging many different architectural styles.

Standing in front of Plaza de Espana in Seville

Standing in front of Plaza de Espana in Seville

Parque de Maria Luisa — After visiting Plaza de Espana, you’re already at Parque de Maria Luisa so walk across the courtyard and start meandering! Take every twist and turn to explore the park, lush greens and unique structures.


And then rent a bike and explore the park!

Biking through Parque de Maria Luisa in Seville, Spain

What to eat

Like you would anywhere in Spain, eat everything. The food in Sevilla was superb. Here were some of our favorites.

Mama Bistro — We went here for lunch after a great visit to Catedral se Sevilla. It is just down the street and a perfect stop for an afternoon snack (and glass of wine). At the time it was rated #1 restaurant in Sevilla so we couldn’t miss it. And our visit was epic. From our amuse bouche, to the cheese course, the salad and of course the wine 🙂 We sat out on the sidewalk in the sun and it was perfection!

Lunch at Mama Bistro in Sevilla, SpainAmuse bouche at Mama Bistro in Sevilla, SpainCheese course at Mama Bistro in Sevilla, SpainMama Bistro in Sevilla, Spain

La Bartola — We had one of our favorite dinners at La Bartola. We went here to celebrate Justin’s recent promotion (yay!) and did not hold back when ordering. Delish!!

Celebratory dinner at La Bartola in Sevilla, Spain

Dinner at La Bartola in Sevilla, SpainDinner at La Bartola in Sevilla, SpainIMG_7824

And we had so much other great food! The best part about eating throughout Sevilla is you can walk up to any cafe or restaurant, grab a seat and snack — no matter how hungry you are! Even better when you are out in the sun!

Eating outside in Sevilla, SpainEating outside in Sevilla, SpainIMG_7880

I was really excited about this one bite!

Eating amazing food in Sevilla, Spain

And right before we left, we decided to take in a Flamenco show. The dancing, guitar and music was phenomenal and the theaters are so intimate every seat was great!
Flamenco show in Seville, SpainFlamenco show in Seville, Spain
Have you been to Sevilla? What were your favorite spots and bites? Comment below.

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