Aisle or window seat when flying with a baby?

Choosing between an aisle or window seat on an airplane when flying with a baby is a hotly debated topic. Juliette is now three months and we’ve taken four flights with her and tried both seat configurations. This is what we found and some considerations for you.

In general, if the flight is during the day, I prefer a window seat. If I’m on a redeye, I prefer an aisle seat.

Benefits of the window seat

  • Less germy. There are lots of articles about how the window seat is slightly less germ-ridden than the aisle seat for a few different reasons: More air circulates down and around the edges of the plane; You are tucked away from people in other rows and passengers passing by; You don’t have sick people walking by and putting their hands on your seat or armrest for support. Overall, the germ factor was a big pro.
  • Easier to breastfeed. It is much easier to breastfeed tucked against the window than open on the aisle. More privacy and no one bumping up against your elbow (or your baby’s head). Major pro here also.
  • A bit more space. There is a bit more space in a window seat because of how the wall of the airplane curves out. Every little bit counts.


Benefits of the aisle

  • It’s easy to get up. If your baby is prone to blowouts (or frequent poops) or is especially fussy, it may be nice to have aisle access to get up and go to the bathroom or walk around. You have the space to go in and out of your seat even just to bounce your baby if you need to.
  • You don’t bother anyone. On daytime flights, I don’t worry about asking someone to get up once or twice on a flight. On redeye flights, I anticipated this being harder since many folks sleep through the night (I will dream of those days again).
  • Potentially fewer germs if on red eyes. Since most folks sleep on red eyes, you have fewer people walking by you (and touching your seat) as they go to the bathroom, and fewer onlookers into your adorable baby.


It also comes down to personal preference. I am a window seat person generally and Juliette is a good sleeper on flights (so far!) so window seats work well for us. Give them both a try. Which do you prefer? Comment below!

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