My Favorite Baby Things

Today is Juliette’s three month birthday and I have been asked by many other parents, “What are the things that you really love and wouldn’t want to live without?”

All parents — and soon-to-be parents — know that you’re inundated with so much stuff and told you need a million different things (which are all very expensive). As a first time mom of a three month old, these are the things that I have absolutely fallen in love with.


Favorite: Infantino. Juliette lives in this carrier and putting her in it will guarantee that she sleeps. It works for babies 8-32 lbs. It is very lightweight and small enough to throw into a backpack. It has no lumbar support so not good for hiking but I have been out walking with her for a few hours (granted, she’s only 12 lbs now) and it feels great for me. And for under $30 on Amazon, you can’t go wrong.

Runner up: We’ve yet to find another more structured carrier that works for both me and Justin. We’re still looking!



Favorite: Bonds Wondersuits. Hands down and no comparison. They sell these in Australia, where my husband is from and they are the best onesies you’ve ever seen. Not only do they have fold over covers for both the hands and feet but they also zip from the top and bottom for easy and painless diaper changes. Game changer on airplane rides and BEDTIM. EVERY. NIGHT. You can now get them on Amazon too!

Runner up: Any hood or hat with ears. Because they are just too cute.



Favorite: Keekaroo changing pad. I don’t understand people who buy fabric-lined changing pads. With how often a baby pees or poops on the changing pad, that cover would have to be washed all the time. This material can be instantly wiped down and cleaned. It’s a dream. Don’t even think about a different one. We bought two.

Runner up: Ubbi diaper pail. It really does trap in the smell, you can use regular garbage bags (you don’t have you buy special ones, and it looks pretty nice.


Play time

Favorite: Little Nomad play mat. We really didn’t want one of those primary color tiles in our living room, so we were excited to find the same soft tiles in adult styles and colors. This makes a great play area for Juliette while blending in with our living room. (See the mat under the cute baby)

Runner up: We’re still in search of a good and decently attractive but entertaining play gym. Update to come.

IMG-8160 (1).JPG


Favorite: Boppy Lounger. It looks like just an average pillow but Juliette has lived in this. Our good friends gave us theirs and it was perfect for parking her next to us on the couch, especially in her first several weeks when she was so tiny. She took many naps in this, and for that, we will be forever grateful.

Runner up: Fisher Price Swing. A friend gave us this swing and Juliette loves it. She really loves looking at her reflection in the mirror and watching the mobile rotate around. She can entertain herself for quite a while there. As she gets older, the Baby Bjorn Bouncer is looking promising.



Favorite: Snoo. Our dear friends loaned us their Snoo and it is as magical as you’ve heard. Supposedly not every baby likes it, but what is not to like. We’re in love.

Runner up: If you don’t get the Snoo, at least buy the Snoo swaddles, called Sleepea sacks. They wrap around the arms and body like a straight jacket, and then zip up.  When we travel, we bring the swaddle and lay her in the Pack and Play with it. It keeps her nice and snug, is breathable and easy to get her into. You can buy them to use even without the Snoo. (Check out our little burrito!)



Favorite: Nuna Pipa. Two words: Dream Drape. It is brilliant that the sun drape is built in with magnets that adhere it to the sides. No more swaddle cloths blowing in the wind trying to cover the carseat. It is also super light and looks snazzy. We love ours!

Runner up: n/a


Everyday Stroller

Favorite: Bugaboo Fox. This stroller is a total dream. The adjustable handle goes very low (great for me!) you can push it with your fingertips and it turns on a dime. It also has a generous basket underneath and comes with a bassinet which we used in our first few months. It is expensive but it feels so good and for as much as we use it, we really love it.

Runner up: n/a

IMG_8284 copy.jpg

Travel Stroller

Favorite: Uppababy Minu. We were deciding between the Minu and the Babyzen Yoyo and decided to go with the Minu since it had a longer sun canopy in front, better recline seat and felt much sturdier that the Yoyo — very good for us as we take some international trips on rougher terrain. They both fit in the overhead bin which is pretty incredible and it is so light and easy to fold.

Runner up: n/a

IMG-8882 (1)IMG_5646 copy.jpg

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