Indulging in First Class

One of the benefits of marrying an ex-consultant who religiously saved all of his airline miles is that I got to be the lucky partner who helped him cash in to get our around-the-world flights in business. Lucky for us (and after a million late night phone calls to the airline), we snagged two first class tickets home from Hong Kong on Cathy Pacific first class.

To say the experience was epic would be an understatement. Let’s start before even getting on the plane.

Thank goodness for the long layover (who ever says that?) because we got to enjoy both the business class and first class lounges. We felt so fancy in these lounges! The business class lounge had private sleeping rooms and a full spa — and the most beautiful decor!


The first class lounge had a full champagne tasting bar and private cabanas for us weary travelers (not!) to relax after a long day. I felt it a personal responsibility to try every champagne they had — and take each one (in many trips) into the private cabana to enjoy while in our private oasis.


These private cabanas are worthy of multiple blog posts dedicated just to them. The softest lighting, pared with your choice of music, a full bath, shower, bathrobes and slippers. Of course the products were decadent and we felt like royalty relaxing on the couches inside.


We hated to leave but were excited to check out the Cathay Pacific First Class experience.

For someone relatively new to business class, I figured First Class might not be too different. Boy was I wrong! My “suite” was larger than what Justin and I would have needed together. We had fresh orchids in bud vases on the wall and the largest beds ever.


We indulged in a scallop amuse bouche and champagne before takeoff and then passion fruit chocolates and more champagne in between meals.


We even got a personalized welcome through the in-flight entertainment!


When it came time to dine, it would be unthinkable to have to dine alone, which is why each suite transforms into a two person table so guests can eat together — of course.


I experienced another first on this flight which was trying caviar. I figured, what better time to try some (free) caviar? So, I got the tin and put together my cute little bellini, sour cream, chive, egg and caviar bite. And WOW…I guess that is why people love caviar! Pared with a few glasses of champagne, it was my first of what soon became my three favorite tins of caviar on that plane. I mean, VERY good!


The staff was incredible. We were the only guests in First Class so we got plenty of attention as well as a sweet card signed by the pilots and the entire team.


We were so sad when the 13 hour flight was coming to an end and we had to take off our pajamas and leave this luxury in the air. If only I could have taken more caviar with me, along with our Armani toiletries we were given.

So long, Cathay Pacific luxury. Not sure when we’ll be seeing you again soon but you gave us the most incredible memories ever. Can’t wait to come back!

One thought on “Indulging in First Class

  1. OMG! I couldn’t stop reading this, such an amazing experience. I want to try first class more than ever. I especially love your faces in this photo, so so happy!!!!

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